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Acrostar Films is an award winning Chicago based film company and was born through the passion of indie author S.J. Hermann wanting to adapt his books to screen. This desire led to self teaching in film for two years until shooting scenes for crowdfunding to adapt the supernatural trilogy, MORIUM. Acrostar Films is primarily devoted to horror, but is open to most genres.

S.J. Hermann's fascination with the supernatural and horror began when he read The Stand by Stephen King. From that point on, King' s work has been the inspiration for his own books. His books can be found on Amazon.

His genre of choice is horror and supernatural which allows his mind to create stories not only to make you think, but also to terrify you.

His first book, MORIUM, was released in the fall of 2014 to much praise. Runner up in the 2015 Books go Social best self published book, it tackles the tough subject of Bullying and has been described as, CARRIE on steroids. The MORIUM trilogy concluded in 2017.

Since MORIUM, S.J. has written Trepidity, a short story based off eighties slasher movies; the emotional and highly praised, Stranded; Perfect Soul, a story based on faith and beliefs.

When S.J. is not busy plotting and writing his next book, he enjoys riding rollercoasters and watching horror movies. S.J. is an anti-bullying advocate. Please read S.J.'s article on Lasting Effects of Bullying and view a list of Resources.


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Best Alternative Reality Film

Best Lead Actress Taydem Shoesmith

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