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Desperate Souls


Desperate Souls is now released. This feature length film is a film adaptation of S.J. Hermann's short story Desperate Souls. Taking a 34 page erotic short story and turning it into a feature length horror / romance film wasn’t too difficult. He has taken the essence of what the story is about, two souls seeking meaning to their lives, and filled any gaps with intense horror. This is a film that is far different than what he has done before, but with the talent that has been assembled for this film, it is amazing.

From Writer/Director Steve Hermann, Producer Ann Myrna.

Living in the endless void of the afterlife, Moira survives on the lust, despair and grief of men, an existence she has known for eons. Using her exquisite beauty, she lures them with false hopes of relief from the mental pain before consuming their broken souls.

When Moira hears the cries of Devin, a man whose life dances on the edge of a razor blade, she’s drawn to a pain she’s never felt before. Discovering they both found what they have longed for, Moira is determined to keep them together and not let anyone stand in their way, no matter who she must kill.


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