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Acrostar Films specializes in adapting books to film. “Tell, don’t show,” is the banter for authors. For screenplay writers it’s, “Show, don’t tell,” so it can be difficult to separate the two when you’re used to writing one way.


A journey into a fractured mind.

They Came Back from Somewhere

They are coming back to terminate without restrictions - our 1950s style sci-fi creature film is back.

In The Dark

Award winning short film based on the book In the Dark by S.J. Hermann and Bella Emy

It Came from Somewhere

Flashback to 1950s creature features – Take a blast to the past!

Morium: Film Series

Web series based on the MORIUM Trilogy by S.J. Hermann


Help us fund this homage to 80s slasher horror films!

Attack of the Corn Zombies

Don't Get Corned!

Desperate Souls

She'll love you to death


Short film - She's been waiting for your call

The Doll

Short film - She wants to be your best friend

Blood Sisters

Web series - See what brings this family together

Music Videos

Coming Soon

Nightmare is an award winning music video

Acrostar Films has several film projects coming soon!

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