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Acrostar Films offers merchandise, physical media & streaming from various film projects. Check back for new offerings!
With physical media, international shipping available.

During a night of partying in a deserted barn, girls unleash a demon which jumps from body to body, killing anyone it wishes. 40 minutes run time, includes insert of Trepidity movie poster signed by cast & crew measuring 4.74 inches x 4.7 inches. You choose shipping option. Ships from U.S. within several days of placing order.


A flying saucer crashes releasing a creature that terrorizes a small town and kidnaps a small girl. It’s up to a group of teenagers and the flying saucer pilots to track down the creature before it kills the entire town.


Living in the endless void of the afterlife, Moira survives on the lust, despair and grief of men, an existence this enchantress has known for eons as a succubus. Using her exquisite beauty, she lures them with false hopes of relief from the mental pain before consuming their broken souls.

​When Moira hears the cries of Devin, a man whose life dances on the edge of a razor blade, she’s drawn to a pain she’s never felt before. Discovering they both found what they have longed for, Moira is determined to keep them together and not let anyone stand in their way, no matter who she must kill.


Limited Edition includes Alternate Ending


It’s 1969 and infected corn leads to an outbreak of the walking dead in a small Midwest town. With no way to escape and cut off from the outside world, a group of friends and family must fight their way through hordes of the dead to survive.


After saving Earth, the Gorkian Luma is cloned and returns to Earth to find his human girlfriend Patty. When the Gorkian Supreme Leader discovers Luma is missing, he sends a clone of his most feared warrior Quasar, along with two warriors, to Earth to track Luma down and destroy him. Unknown to Quasar, a more terrifying creature is about to be released on Earth.

SHIRTS - BAGS - MUGS and more!
Two styles of groovy Attack of the Corn Zombies merchandise!
Get the latest Desperate Souls merchandise - she will take your soul!
Grab your It Came from Somewhere swag - take a blast to the past!
And get Blood Sisters merchandise - just added!
Now also Trepidity merchandise!
And of course Sorority Babes merchandise!
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