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Trepidity is Released!

Based on the book Trepidity by S.J. Hermann which has been adapted to film. Trapped in a barn with nowhere to run or hide, five friends must make it until midnight against a demon that roams the earth for souls for its master. Their trust in each other is tested when death could be inside anyone of them. As time ticks away towards midnight, who will survive and who will be dragged into hell.
Nowhere to run - Nowhere to hide - No one to trust

Behind the Scenes Photos

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Watch Trepidity on Amazon Prime Video

Or purchase Trepidity on DVD

Here's what readers have said about S.J. Hermann's book Trepidity -
"This slasher-movie type book kept me guessing, who done it?"

"If you’re into horror stories with gore, then this story is for you."

"Written brilliantly with just the right amount of scary with enough blood and gore and mystery to keep you guessing."

"Author Hermann has creatively conceived a wonderful creepy tale with just the right amount of scare!"

Acrostar Films has several film projects coming soon!

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